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Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Jackie, and I am a qualified vet nurse and puppy preschool Instructor and have been in the industry since 2006. Prior to Vet Nursing I have taken on many roles such as Kennel Hand, Doggy Day Care Supervisor, and Dog Walker. I have been a dog groomer full time since 2010. I have also studied dog behaviour and training.


I’m a big believer in positive reinforcement and taking a gentle approach to animals especially when working with timid and fear aggressive dogs. I want to teach all puppies and older dogs that bathing and grooming is a good thing, that it can be relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding.


Our goal at Dog Gone is to provide Owners and their pets with a high quality professional service and advice. Have confidence in knowing your pet is good hands with someone that’s spent many years in the veterinary field, genuinely cares for the welfare of animals, has sound knowledge of dealing with animals, and knows what’s normal and what’s not.



Meet our Dog Gone Children

Name: Rocket

Breed: German Shepherd X

Born: RIP 1994 - 2009

Sex: Male


My very first childhood dog, this is where my love of animals began. I’ve learnt many things from this dog as a child and one thing was dealing with dogs that are aggressive. He was aggressive towards strangers, other dogs and anyone who came near me or a friend in a threatening way. My one goal with Rocket was to desensitise him with other dogs so one day he could have a friend. I learnt it was indeed possible even if it took 3 months of intense training and supervised introductions with a cage muzzle and lots of walks with Mia-Hope when she was a puppy. Without Rocket I wouldn’t be where I am today, I wouldn’t of had the skills to be as successful as I am today, I am forever grateful.


Name: Mia-Hope

Breed: German Shepherd

Born: RIP 2006-2018

Sex: Female


Mia loves anything to do with water such as the beach, a hose, pool, muddy puddles, water buckets. She loves her bath time and being blow dryed. She tries to act all scary towards other dogs when walked on a lead but when off lead she’s a completely different dog. Mia is the only dog I would trust with a kitten unsupervised. A lot of the kittens we have hand reared have considered Mia as their security and safe place. 

Name: Faith-Hope

Breed: German Shepherd

Born: 2009

Sex: Female


Faith seems to have OCD with Ace. She annoys her 24/7. She’s special in a way that we now fit her with a husher when out at the park because she runs so much chasing Ace that she ingests air causing her stomach to bloat. She likes to instigate things within the pack such as pretending there is something to bark at or chase and encourage the rest to copy her.


Name: Ace-Hope

Breed: Border Collie X

Born: 2006

Sex: Female


Ace was a farm dog but not very great at it, she’s now an unfit city dog. One time Ace saw a sign that was shaped like a cow and refused to walk anywhere near it. She will snap at our other dogs if they dare bark for no reason. She’s a very obedient and loyal dog that hates being in “big trouble”.


Name: Marshmallow

Breed: Silky X

Born: RIP 2003-2015

Sex: Female


Despite her size; Marshmallow was secretly an undercover miniature Rottweiler. She had little dog syndrome and would stare down my beautiful German Shepherds until they gave up their bone for her. Marsh was a dog that was abandoned at the Vet clinic I worked at. The owners were “boarding” her but never had the intention to return to pay their bill or pick her up. Turns out they were moving house and couldn’t keep her anymore.